A land biome project to replace the abandoned land in Bangladesh

A new land biome has been proposed by a group of Bangladeshi citizens in a bid to create a new habitat for the country’s biodiversity.

The Bangladesh National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (BNPMA) has proposed a project dubbed the “Ashtanga Land Biome” to replace an abandoned village on the banks of the river in Bangladesh’s southeastern city of Dhaka.

The project is part of a larger plan to develop a new ecosystem in Bangladesh.

The land biome would consist of a large number of small and large trees, ponds, and wetlands in the form of a series of ponds.

The proposed land biome will be created using a variety of different technologies and methods to help create the ecosystem, the BNPMA said in a statement on its website.

The idea of creating a new land ecosystem in a village has gained momentum in recent years, as the population of the country has declined.

However, the villagers have not been able to build a large-scale forested area, which is why many communities are looking to improve their current forest and floodplain areas.

The project, the statement said, would provide a new environment to the villagers to grow a new life-giving environment.

The site for the proposed Ashtanga land biome is located on the outskirts of Dhakwa, Dhaka, Bangladesh, September 6, 2018.

The plan also calls for the creation of a network of wetlands and streams in the area.

The wetlands will serve as habitats for fish and other animals, as well as providing habitat for migrating birds, turtles, fish, and insects, the group said.

It has been estimated that the Bangladesh population has dropped by about 2.5 million people in the last 30 years due to deforestation and overfishing.

The new land biomes will help the population recover, the project statement said.