Bruinslandland land records latest record project – Land Record Project

The Bruinslands project in the north-east of the State has been a key milestone in the expansion of the Gold Coast, and the land record project is now a permanent fixture in the Bruinlands land record.

“We’ve been very proud of the work that’s been done to get the project going,” Ms Brouillette said.

“The project is a milestone for the region and I know it’s a very proud moment for everyone involved.”

The project, which is being developed by Landmark Development, will provide approximately 2,000 homes in the south-west of the project.

“This is a big milestone for our community and we’re looking forward to bringing our home to life,” Ms Bourne said.

The Bruins land record is an initiative by the Bruins Land Development Corporation (BLC) to help identify new land for future development.

“Land records are a way to help the public and local authorities better understand what is happening in the community and how it relates to the land they’re working on,” Ms Bouillette explained.

“If you’re a land owner, you can share your land records to other land owners and we can give them a better understanding of what’s happening in their area.”

The Bruinland land record has been created by a collaborative process between the BLC, the Bruens Land Development Council, the Department of Planning and the City of Melbourne.

“They have put a lot of work into the project, they’ve worked closely with local community groups, they’re planning out the project,” Ms Bunting said.