How to Sell Your Business on Real Estate for $1,500 a Month

Real Estate Agents: How to Make $1 Million a Month Selling Your Real Estate Project Landa: “This is a lot of money.

I could buy a house for $50 million.

I’m not making $1 million a month.

I make a little bit of money on my own.”

Lacey: “I’d be in the position of having to buy a mansion for $20 million.

My mortgage is $400 million.”

Landa explains how to sell your real estate project for just $1.5 million per month, and that is in addition to the $1 to $2,000 a month that agents and investors pay for the property.

Landa says that “in my experience, I don’t get any commissions from sales of properties.

I don of course get paid commission for the commissions that people are paying me.”

Lacy explains that she will often take a commission from a buyer and then the commission is then split between the buyer and her brokerage account, with the brokerage receiving the remainder of the commission.

“I just sell to my broker, I’ll do it for a flat fee,” Lacy says.

“And then, it gets paid out as commissions.

And it gets sent back to me.

I keep that percentage as my commission.

I just make it.”

Landat and Lacey sell a house in Las Vegas.

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Landa Real Estate Deals: “There are three things I can do to maximize my commission for each sale: 1.

If you sell a property that you can afford, you get the best commission possible.


You can get a higher commission if you sell multiple properties in a row, because the commission depends on how many properties you sell in a year.


You need to be consistent with your commission.

If your sales are good, you will get the highest commission possible, so don’t sell at a loss.”

Laysa explains that “it’s not just about the commission, it’s about the process of selling the property, how much you pay for it, and how you get it.

That’s a lot easier to do with a real estate agent.”

She says that she has worked with agents and buyers for many years, and has sold more than 50 properties in her career.

“A lot of people don’t understand the process, they’re buying the property and then selling it and it doesn’t work out,” Laysat says.

She explains that there are three different things to consider with a sale.

First, if the buyer has a low deposit or doesn’t know what to do, it could be a bad idea to sell the property to a person who has an interest in it.

“The fact is, you can sell your property at a high commission to someone who is willing to pay a lot for it.

You could get a lot more money out of that transaction if you’re willing to invest a little more money in the property.”

The second thing that can affect the sale price is if the property is located in a big city, or a lot in a residential area.

“That means, you’re looking at a lot, and a lot is more expensive.

And then, you want to get a deal that will allow you to be able to sell in the most efficient way possible.

So, if you don’t have any other options, I would recommend you get a house that is affordable.”

The third thing that could affect the price of a home is if there is a mortgage on it, as Landa explained in the first video below.

“If you’re selling your home, you’ll need to get your mortgage serviced, and if you want a mortgage, you should buy a mortgage.”

Lando explains that a good mortgage can be a great deal.

“You need to do a lot to find the best deal,” Landa said.

“It depends on your needs and your needs are different than a typical mortgage.

If it’s a $100,000 home, I recommend that you get your own mortgage.

The reason for that is, if your mortgage is not paid, it will probably go into the bankruptcy system.

It may not pay all the bills and that will result in bankruptcy.

You’ll have to get an attorney and go to bankruptcy court.”

Lande says that the best thing for a buyer to do is to understand the financial situation of the property before they make a decision about the price.

Laysas advice is to be realistic with the price you want.

“Look at your real home, the type of house, and then, compare it to the average house that you’re going to