Land Acquisition Program for AYALA Land Project,AYAL A-Project: Planning Authority of Somaliland

The Planning Authority for Somaland has approved the land acquisition for the AYALS Land Project in Ayala, which will be one of the largest projects in the country.AYALS is the first of three projects being proposed by the Development Authority for the country, to be developed by the Department of Land, Resources and Tourism, in the area of Ayala.

The land will be used for agricultural development, including grazing land for cattle, grazing land of various kinds and water rights.

The land acquisition plan was approved on September 20.

The Development Authority said it would consider and consider alternative land acquisition routes, but it had no further comment.

The AYALT Land Project would be the largest land acquisition project in Somalistan.

It will also be the first one that will have a permanent population of at least 1,500 people.

The area has a population of around 40,000 people, and the AYRAD-based Land Development Board has said that more than half of the land in the region has already been acquired.