Medieval lands project lands ‘medieval’ name

The Vikings landed on what is now a remote stretch of coast in North Dakota to build a small village in what was once part of what is today the Black Hills.

The name “Havre” is French for “mountain” and it’s a reference to a region where the Vikings settled around 1066.

The project, which will eventually become known as Havre, is part of a broader public lands initiative to help develop and protect some of the largest public lands in the country, which include the Great Plains, Great Lakes and Great Sand Dunes.

The Vikings landed in what is currently known as Black Hills in 1807, but they never settled there.

They instead moved to the small community of Haverhill and built their first farm, which was later expanded to include a market and a store.

Today, the Havre Valley is known as the Black Hole, a region of wildflowers and wild animals that has been called “the most beautiful place on earth.”

The project will help preserve the region, as well as create a permanent memorial and cultural resource center.

The Black Hills are the remnants of a region that once was part of the Black Land, which is now called the Black Mountains.

It was also the site of a largepox epidemic in the 1600s.