When is the next major California land clearing?

California’s land clearing efforts are far from over.

With the state on track to clear an additional 200,000 acres of land by the end of the year, officials say that could make it the largest single clearing operation in history.

The next wave of clearing is expected to be much larger, though officials haven’t said how much larger.

A state of emergency is in place to keep public safety and the environment at risk.

California has been cleared about 100,000 square miles of land since the state started clearing land in 2013, officials said, which is more than any other state in the country.

“This has been a very long, hard slog, and it is only getting worse,” said Gov.

Gavin Newsom, a Democrat.

“It’s only getting easier, and the more we work, the more difficult it becomes.”

The state has cleared more than 5 million acres, nearly twice the amount of land cleared in 2013.

Land clearing is a critical part of the state’s fight against wildfires.

Officials say it is important to keep a low profile while clearing land to reduce the risk of wildfires.

The state says that the fires are now under control and that it has recovered almost 90 percent of the land in the state since last summer.

Land cleared this year is expected increase by another 10 percent, officials have said.

But the state has not yet identified the exact number of acres it will be clearing.

Officials have said that about 4 million acres will be cleared this season.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said that more than 2 million acres of the country’s largest forests will be burned this year.

“The amount of forest loss we have experienced is unprecedented in the history of California,” the agency said in a statement.

“While there are some clear areas that we are now clearing, many more will be needed for fire suppression.

The fire season is rapidly approaching, and this is not going to end well.”

In the past, fires have raged out of control in California.

California lost about 1 million acres last year.

The first fire season after the drought ended in the late 1990s caused major wildfires, including the largest ever in the nation.

The worst of those fires destroyed more than 1 million homes.