When the land and buildings will be built: The land project

The city will have to build out the whole project.

It has a project to build a large public space around the park, which is about 10 metres square, about 200 metres long and about 200m wide.

The city is seeking to build the park at a cost of $100 million.

This is a big project, and it’s a huge investment.

They have a whole range of options, including a hotel on the site.

I think it will be an opportunity to have a big public space, and there’s lots of good things to come out of that project.

But what is it going to cost?

It depends on where you are in the city.

How much will it cost to build it?

The land cost is about $1.2 billion, but the cost will be higher in future years, due to the impact on the environment.

So it will take about five years to get the whole thing done.

What’s the impact of the city getting into this project?

This project is very important for the city and for Johor.

Because we have a lot of parks and nature in Johor, this is going to make the city more accessible.

And it will make us more sustainable, because this will also bring a lot more tourism to Johor City.

The city has a lot to look forward to, including the park.

There will be a lot for visitors to see, because the park will be on the ground floor of the tower.

The towers are being built with a total of about 1.4 million cubic metres of concrete.

We’ve got about a quarter of that, and we’ve got a very small footprint.

The park is going up on the top floor of a large building, and the park itself will be at the bottom.

When it is finished, it will create a park area of about 100 hectares.

What’s been the reaction to the news?

There’s been a lot about it, but I think the biggest reaction has been positive.

People are saying that it’s going to be a great development for the community, and that it will bring people to the city, so there are a lot people interested in this project.

What are the other possible uses for the park?

They can put up a restaurant and cafes, and they can put a public library and cultural centre.

These are things that the city can do, but there’s not a lot in the works at the moment.

But if there’s something we can do that is really exciting, then we will.

If you have any questions, contact the councilor, Ms Sabrina Khang, at [email protected]

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