Why are you using KeraniganJ?

Keranigansj is a land project to develop the Keranikj Valley and Keranikanj State Reserve in northern Kenya.

This project aims to improve the productivity and livelihood of the region’s farmers.

The project will include the construction of a small, affordable residential town with about 50 homes and a small-scale agricultural farm.

It will be funded through the Kenyan Development Assistance Agency (KDA) and will be the first land project funded by the government of Kenya to receive foreign funding. 

The Keranigaj project has a number of other economic benefits to the region, including improved connectivity between the villages of the Kerani, including the Keranian Valley, as well as the establishment of a new airport in Keranani State Reserve. 

Keraniganij is also expected to generate income for the people of the area, particularly the women and children who work in the villages. 

According to a statement released by KDA, “The Kerani Valley and its surrounding land have been traditionally a source of livelihood for the Kerans and have been a major source of jobs and incomes for the community. 

Today, Keraninj is experiencing severe water scarcity and therefore needs additional water management and reforestation projects to address the water scarcity.” 

The KDA added that the project will also contribute to the overall development of the community and the region. 

“Kerani Valley is a region where economic development, livelihood, and security are linked to the quality of life for the local people,” KDA spokesperson Shana Leko told IGN.

“The land, forests, and water resources of Keranini are a valuable asset to the communities and we are excited about the Keranic projects. 

For more information, visit the Kerany J land project website and follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.