Brazil Land Projects: Moon Landing Project Gets A $300 Million Grant From Brazil’s Government

Brazil is offering to provide a $300 million loan to help the country land the first man on the moon.

In a statement released Monday, the National Commission for Space Activities said the project will focus on “space technology, education, scientific research, tourism, infrastructure, science, health and tourism.”

The space agency said the loan will be paid back by 2024.

The loan will cover the cost of a two-year mission and an additional two years of space technology.

It is being backed by the Brazilian Federal Government.

Brazil’s Space Agency is the largest space agency in the world, with a workforce of nearly 300,000 people and a budget of $1.6 billion a year.

The agency is part of the country’s space sector and has been under the control of the Brazilian government since 2012.

The Moon landing project has been one of the highlights of Brazil’s presidential campaign.

The Moon landings were first announced in 2010 and are scheduled to take place in 2024.

In addition to the Moon landers, Brazil has been developing a lunar probe, a lunar lander, and a robotic spacecraft for use on the Moon.