How to find land for Mars land projects

Ars Technicom, the tech news and tech blog of Ars Technia, has learned that Google and Amazon have been in talks for a Martian landing project, dubbed Mars Landing 1.

The company is currently developing a prototype of a lander that can land on Mars.

According to Ars Technics report, the lander’s payload is capable of reaching the surface of Mars, and can be deployed in 2021.

It’s a land mission that would be a bit different from NASA’s current plans.

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover has been exploring the surface since 2011, and the landers Opportunity and Curiosity have been conducting a similar mission since 2014.

But it’s possible that this lander could launch to Mars as early as 2021, and land on the Red Planet.

“Google and Amazon are in discussions for a Mars landing program.

We do not know what their plans are yet, but it is expected that they will develop their own landing technologies,” the Ars Technicas report states.

Ars Technicals report is just the latest to emerge about a potential Mars landing.

Last year, NASA and the private space company SpaceX announced that the company had plans to develop a land vehicle that could land on a Martian surface.

“We’re already working on an autonomous landing vehicle that is expected to be launched in 2020,” Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, told Ars Technicians at the time.

“The landing system would use a combination of lander, rovers, and payloads to reach Mars and return to Earth safely.”

A recent NASA report also revealed that a land rover was in the works for a future Mars landing mission, but no details were provided.

“NASA is working with a number of commercial companies on developing a Mars lander,” NASA said at the end of last year.

“A major goal of the Mars landers will be to demonstrate a Mars rover capable of returning to Earth in a usable, reusable spacecraft.”

Ars Technican is working to learn more about these proposed landers, but for now, Ars Techniacs report is the first time we know of any such discussions.

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