How to get the best deal on lando — and get the money back

Lando, the Japanese company that’s building a giant robot to explore the moon, landed in New Zealand on Wednesday.

Its robotic arm has already landed a small rover on Mars, and its rover has flown to the edge of Antarctica.

But it’s also the first company to actually land on Mars.

 Its landing, which came as a surprise to many, gave the company a clear chance to secure $1.5 billion in funding from private investors and raise enough money to finish the lander.

It’s also a big step forward for the space agency.

The lander is powered by an engine that can travel to Mars on a single charge.

But the rover itself needs fuel to survive and will use a battery of batteries to recharge its onboard electronics.

This means the rover is expected to last only about a year.

In the first three years of the mission, the company plans to test its lander in Antarctica and the South Pole, which is where it’ll have to survive for about two months.

Then, the rover will land in the Red Planet’s south pole, and it’ll stay there for two months before returning to Earth.

The company is aiming for a landing in 2021 or 2022.

It also plans to make a test flight in 2018 or 2019, but that would mean landing in 2020 or 2021.

That’s when it could start working on its next rover.

Lando says its landers are already being used in the Antarctic.

Last year, the landers were sent into the waters of the South Pacific to explore deep sea vents, and the company says the technology is now ready to work on Mars and beyond.

In the coming months, the first landers will be sent to the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The first mission will land on the moon and return in 2019.

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