Ireland to pay €20 million for new €20m Astra land project

A new €10 million land use project for the new €200 million Astra project in Ireland will be funded with a €20-million grant from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The €20M grant will be announced today.

It comes after an Irish Times investigation into the Astra development, which is expected to bring a total of €300 million to the economy.

The Astra plan involves the reclamation and development of land at a site in the west of the country which is now used by a series of golf courses and the construction of a new leisure centre.

The development is part of the €100 million programme to develop the country’s green belt, which will see an increase in tourism, with many more projects in the pipeline.

The new site will be connected to a new €2 million leisure centre, which aims to become a popular spot for the public to enjoy the region’s natural beauty.