Recode: We’re working on a land project with Mars. What could that land project be?

The first land project for Mars is being developed on an area that could be the largest land mass on the planet, a report from Recode’s The Hive shows.

The project is called Archipelago, a project from the company Earthwatch that aims to create a new region of land and sea in the Martian equatorial region.

The company plans to use this new landmass to create an urban-like community on top of a desert.

The goal is to create two islands in the middle of the landmass, and create a “virtual island” for people to live on.

The landmass is located near the equator, so the land would not be inundated by water.

The team is also looking into using a “seasteading” approach to create urban environments that would be similar to the urban environments on Earth.

The area is a part of Mars’ largest landmass in the form of the Mars Vallis region, which covers an area of about 7.5 million square kilometers, or about one-fifth of the planet’s surface.

The region is home to a lot of potential resources and has been considered a potential land for future human colonization.

The Mars project is part of Recode.

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