Which are the best new land-scaping projects in Australia?

Posted February 12, 2018 03:13:00A new land supply project is a good thing.

It creates jobs and provides for the community.

The $1.4 billion Westpac West Coast Land Supply project is being built on an undeveloped stretch of land on the northern NSW north coast.

The project involves the construction of an 800,000 square metre (4.5 million square foot) office park with 1,600 office and residential spaces.

The office park is expected to be complete by 2021.

The Westpac project also provides employment for about 12,000 people, with up to 600 of those positions in construction.

The land supply, however, is the real reason for optimism.

The NSW Land Transport Authority is to provide the land supply and land-based infrastructure.

The authority will also be responsible for the development and maintenance of the park.

The work will be done at the end of the current year.

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