A new plan to create an ‘all-electric future’ is in the works

A new energy strategy, released by a group of top energy executives last week, includes the goal of powering our entire country with all of its energy sources by 2050.

The American Petroleum Institute, a trade group for the oil and gas industry, called the plan “bold” and “totally achievable” and would “bring about a new era of economic prosperity and environmental stewardship.”

The plan calls for replacing existing coal-fired power plants with an all-electric fleet of 60 million electric vehicles by 2050, and says it would generate $4 trillion in economic activity over the next 20 years, which would be the largest single investment in new jobs in history.

But it also calls for a massive transition to a cleaner, cleaner energy economy, and calls for more stringent standards on greenhouse gas emissions.

The group’s new “clean energy plan” calls for the construction of more than 100,000 new miles of electric infrastructure, including a proposed $100 billion “clean rail” system in the Northeast and a $1 trillion plan to retrofit the existing rail infrastructure.

It also calls on states to invest $2 trillion in clean energy projects in the next decade, with $1 billion allocated for the Midwest and $600 billion allocated to the West.

In the next five years, it said, the United States will add another $500 billion in clean infrastructure, with more than half coming from the Northeast, Midwest, and West.

The group also called for a major shift in how we use energy in the United Kingdom, arguing that we need to “transform our energy system from fossil fuel dependence to renewables.”

“We can’t continue to use coal, oil and natural gas to meet our energy needs.

That’s unsustainable,” said Steve Shaver, executive vice president of the group’s Renewable Energy Task Force.”

We need to build a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for the world and the people of the United State.”

The task force was formed in late 2017 after Trump’s election and was announced on Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

In a statement, OSTP said the plan would “help ensure the U,S.

remains at the forefront of renewable energy and climate change.”

It also said that it would focus on “making the most of the abundant, clean energy resources we have, including coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, wind, solar and nuclear power, and create more jobs and economic opportunity for our communities and workers.”

The American Energy Alliance (AEA), a trade organization for the petroleum industry, also endorsed the plan and said it would create an “all-American” clean energy economy.

“Our nation must lead the world in the development of all forms of clean energy and we need an energy strategy that is truly inclusive,” said AEA CEO Ed Whitacre.

“This all-American energy strategy must include renewable energy, which is the cleanest and most abundant energy in our nation’s history.”

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