Pontiac lands a $50m solar project in Michigan

PONTiac, MI (AP) The owners of a solar power project in northwest Michigan are getting ready to open their second solar farm on the outskirts of Pontic, the town of about 4,000 that sits on the banks of Lake Michigan and is the focus of a $25 million land acquisition by the state.

Pincos Energy has purchased the land on which the solar farm is to be built.

It will be the first solar farm to be constructed in the area since the late 1970s.

The land is just west of the town, but the Pincos company hopes to use it as a test area for a project to produce a local power source.

Pontiac Mayor Tom Richey said the new project is a major step in the town’s transition from a diesel-powered town to a renewable energy-based one.

The solar farm will use two 6,000-watt panels.

A third panel is planned for an outdoor market, where solar panels could be sold to nearby businesses.

Pistons Energy, which is based in the Detroit area, is expected to start construction next year.