When is the best time to build a new house?

By the end of 2019, more than 70% of the UK’s housing stock will be on the market, and new homes are on the way, says the government’s chief housing officer.

The housing market will remain strong, he said, despite a lack of supply and the government will continue to make housebuilding a priority.

“We have been investing in housing and building for a long time and the public will continue that commitment,” said Peter Hatton, director of housing and local government at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

“I am confident that by the end (of 2019) we will have enough houses to build 1m homes, but we will need to build more homes to meet demand.”

Home prices will fall, says chief housing official Read more Hatton said a new government policy to make new houses affordable for those on low incomes was crucial.

“There are currently 3.8m people in our homes.

That means we need to be building homes that are affordable for people who are on low to middle incomes.”

That means that we need a policy which builds more houses to the right areas.

“The right policy will help us deliver affordable homes for those in work and to those who are in low to mid-income.”

The government is also committed to working with local authorities and local businesses to build new housing for the poorest, in particular those in local authority areas.

“For those in need, it will mean building new homes that allow them to live comfortably in the area and build a life together, rather than renting to a landlord,” Hatton said.

“We will also be supporting councils in the provision of the affordable housing they need to meet their housing needs.”

In 2020, Hatton also said he would be working with ministers to support people in housing issues, including those with disabilities, and make them feel secure enough to apply for council housing.

“Council housing is an opportunity to help people in their time of need and we will be looking to support local authorities in their efforts to do that,” he said.

Housing minister says ‘huge’ potential for housing market to rise again by 2021, but could still be lower than 2020 Read moreThe government will also continue to invest in affordable housing and the creation of new, affordable housing stock.

“The key to the housing market is the demand for homes.

We will invest £30bn to support building and upgrading existing homes, and £150bn to build and upgrade new homes.”

There is still room for more affordable housing, so we are investing in this area, and we are making it a priority.