When the Pentagon’s ‘golden parachute’ is up for grabs

A Pentagon project that aims to develop new land for a museum in the Persian Gulf may also be up for sale.

Pentagon officials said Wednesday that the project would be put on hold due to a financial crisis, but that a deal could still be reached soon.

The Pentagon has been grappling with a shortage of funds for its $1.6 billion land acquisition program in the Gulf region, and has been looking for ways to raise the money.

“The Department of Defense is currently facing a crisis in the Department of State that requires a financial solution,” said Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Scott Dolan.

Dolan said that the funding shortfall was not a factor in the project’s postponement.

A Pentagon spokesman said that he was not aware of any sale of the land, but the decision was made to postpone it.

In the meantime, a private group is selling the land.

Landmark Middle East Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is seeking to purchase the land for the museum, said in a statement Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with the Pentagon to purchase land at the site.

It is unclear what terms the group has in mind, but a source familiar with the negotiations told The Hill that the group is seeking $1 million for the land purchase and that a final deal could be announced within the next few weeks.

Officials at the museum have said that they want to preserve the museum’s original footprint, and that the museum will remain open as a cultural hub for the region.