When will the AZ Landers lander launch?

A report has revealed the Mars lander is set to launch in 2019.

The NASA team has released a document detailing the timeline for the lander’s mission.

The timeline for landing on Mars is outlined in a document titled “Mission Status, Design, and Mission Outcome”, which was published in March.

The document outlines how NASA plans to get the landers to Mars and also how the land mission will be managed.

The mission will use a mix of science and hardware.

It is likely that NASA will land a small rover on Mars to search for signs of past life.

The lander will collect samples from the surface and return them to Earth.

The rover will also carry out science.

The scientists will test the rover’s ability to survive the Martian conditions, such as ice or dust storms, to ensure it is able to withstand the harsh conditions of Mars.

The landing site will be protected from water and dust storms.

The team hopes that the rover will be able to continue searching for signs that life may exist on Mars.

If the landering is successful, it will take three to four years to get to Mars.

It will then land on Mars, take samples, and return the samples to Earth to be analysed.

This process will take at least three years.

The first mission, dubbed Curiosity, will fly on board the land rover to start the journey.

The other two missions are called Lander 1 and Lander 2.