Detroit Land Scape Project Gets Tax Credits

Detriot Land Scapes has been awarded $1.8 million in tax credits for its land-based recreation projects in Detroit, the city’s finance department announced on Monday.

The project, called Landscape Rehabilitation and Reuse, is part of a larger $10.6 million project, dubbed Landscape Project 2, which is funded by a grant from the Michigan Development Authority (MDAA).

The project will improve urban green space and open up land for development and development of green spaces.

The project includes $1 million in private investment, $1,000 per acre to be paid in property taxes, $200 per acre for water and sewer projects, and $2 million for flood mitigation projects.

The $1 billion project will replace or rehabilitate more than 3,000 acres of land in Detroit and surrounding communities, according to the city.

“It is an important project that will revitalize and revitalize our neighborhoods and cities and bring jobs and economic development to the area,” said Edmond Mays, the chief financial officer for Detroit.

“We are excited to be helping our community recover and restore the community assets that have been lost due to the development of the site.”

The project is being overseen by the city of Detroit’s Development and Urban Renewal Department and will continue to be reviewed and approved by the Detroit City Council.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with Detriot and provide them with the needed support to make this project happen,” said Mayor Mike Duggan.

“This is a historic and long overdue investment in our city and its residents and businesses.

It will create jobs and create opportunities for the people of the City of Detroit.”