‘Newhall Land’ to be completed by 2025

A new plan to build a 1,600-unit mixed-use development in the heart of Newhall’s downtown will be completed in 2021, with completion of the project expected in 2021.

The $8 billion project is part of the Newhall Land development plan approved by the City Council earlier this month, which includes the purchase of land from a local farmer.

The land purchase will bring the total land owned by Newhall in the City of Newham to 7,600 acres, which would be part of a total of 6,000 acres for the mixed-uses project.

The project will also include an indoor/outdoor mixed-used development that is planned for the site of the old Newhall Plaza shopping center.

Newhall, which has about 5,600 residents, was previously a commercial and office district, but the area is now becoming a new residential and retail area with a mix of residential, retail, and office spaces.

The redevelopment is part the City’s mixed-income housing plan, which is meant to address Newham’s housing needs, with plans to build about 100,000 units of housing in the city by 2034.

“The Newhall Development Plan will ensure Newham is a thriving and thriving place to live,” Mayor Simon Derryn said in a statement.

“By 2030, we will be looking to build over 5,000 new homes, which will create over 30,000 jobs, and generate over $1 billion in new investment.

The Newhall development will create more than 1,000 full-time jobs, which could mean the creation of 1,400 jobs in Newham itself by 2035.”

The redevelopment of the plaza shopping center, which closed in 2020, was completed in 2014.

The city’s mixed use plan also includes the building of a second, 6.6-acre residential and office complex, which was completed last year.