When is the best time to invest in land?

Posted November 29, 2018 08:29:07 A land survey project in the UK is about to be completed and the price tag for the project is rising.

The Land Survey and Development Agency (LSDAA) is currently preparing a report to the Government on the cost of the project.

The project, dubbed Utterara Land, is being funded by the UK government’s Land Investment Fund.

It involves a $3.5 billion land survey and development project in Wales.

There are also proposals for a similar project in South Wales and the West Midlands.

According to the LSDAA, the project will allow people to build homes, a hospital, and a museum.

While the total cost of a typical project would be $9 million, the LDDA says the project could generate an additional $2.2 billion for the Welsh economy.

Utterara is set to begin construction in 2020.