Why the Obama administration is allowing big oil to pump millions of gallons of toxic oil into the Chesapeake Bay, a study says

The Obama administration has approved a massive new federal land grant program that allows big oil companies to pump massive amounts of toxic wastewater into the Bay.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved more than 6 billion gallons of wastewater from four big oil and gas operations.

That’s enough to fill more than 200 Olympic-size swimming pools, or enough to cover the entire U.S. state of Massachusetts.

The wastewater has to be disposed of in a landfill site.

In 2016, the EPA set up a pilot program that allowed companies to drill up to 4,000 wells into the bay and pump out wastewater.

Big oil, which is the biggest investor in the Cheshire Basin, says it is not using the wastewater.

But the EPA’s new permit system gives the oil and energy industry an opportunity to tap into the federal water supply, while keeping the water quality safe.

The new program was approved by the Environmental Protection Administration in December, and is now slated to take effect in April 2021.

Big Oil, Big Water: The Hidden Story of Big Oil’s Water Wars in the U.T.A.

The Cheshire basin is one of the nation’s most important drinking water resources, and its waters supply a major portion of the United States’ drinking water supply.

The Bay of Fundy, in particular, is a critical waterway for wildlife and people.

In 2015, the U-T.M.F. began working with the federal government to study how to restore the bay’s health.

But it also found that Big Oil was not complying with federal requirements to clean up its own wastewater.

The EPA found that between 2011 and 2014, Big Oil had discharged 1.8 billion gallons (7.7 billion liters) of wastewater into Cheshire.

That was enough to pollute up to 6 million people.

Big Water is Big Oil.

Big Wreak Wreaks Big Water.

It’s the EPA and Big Oil who are the enemy.

But what happens when Big Oil and Big Water clash?

The water pollution is real.

We’ve known for a long time that Big Water impacts the health of the Bay of North Atlantic.

But we didn’t know how bad it is.

The latest data from the U,T.P. shows that Big Oils discharge into the Gulf of Maine has increased by an average of about 10 percent per year since 2000.

So it’s not just Big Oil dumping toxic wastewater in the bay.

Big Oil pollution also affects the health and quality of the water, as the EPA has documented in many studies.

Big water also spills into the water table, and that can affect fisheries, marine mammals, and other creatures.

As Big Water spills into water, it can create a toxic stew.

It can also make it harder for fish to access food.

In addition, when Big Water does come ashore, it has a direct impact on the environment, which can make it difficult for people and wildlife to survive.

In some areas, the water is contaminated by Big Water, and scientists are now studying ways to remove or reduce the impact of Big Water pollution.

The U.K. Environmental Audit Office has found that a number of big oil projects in the Gulf have dumped toxic waste into the sea.

Big projects like the Shell oil and Chevron oil projects, and even the URC’s oil sands project, have dumped water into the Atlantic.

Big Business Is the Enemy: Big Oil Is Big Water’s Enemy.

Big Big Oil is a corporation.

It makes billions of dollars a year by drilling and fracking for oil, gas, and minerals.

But that profits are largely going to Big Oil executives.

The American Petroleum Institute (API), a powerful lobbying group for Big Oil companies, is spending millions of dollars to lobby Congress and state legislatures.

The API has spent millions of it’s money trying to weaken environmental protections for Big OIL projects and to keep them open.

It also wants the federal courts to overturn environmental laws.

Big Money is Big Water Politics.

Big money is one reason Big Oil wants the EPA to allow Big Oil to build a pipeline from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Chesbury Basin.

Big business and Big water are at odds over how to deal with the toxic waste being dumped into the ocean.

Big businesses like Big Oil have a vested interest in keeping the Bay healthy.

Big waters like Big Oceans, Big Big Money.

The Big Oil Companies are Big Oahu’s Big Oaf.

Big Ocean Big Oans Big Oail, Big Oair Big Oarns Big Oargains Big Oil Big Oavains Big Oat Big Oats Big Oaxos Big Oaws Big Oate Big Oates Big Oazos Big Oyas Big Oyass Big Oash Big Oas Big Oaats Big Owls Big Oaks Big Oarks Big Oycks Big Oath Big Oay Big Oawes Big Oays Big Oauthes Big Oauds Big Owes Big Oy