The Pentagon is considering a huge plan to build an entire fleet of US missiles defense systems

Posted October 01, 2030 13:14:54The Pentagon is reviewing the costs of building up a massive missile defense system in the coming decades, a top official said Thursday.

The plan includes plans for the creation of up to three new interceptors for the US Missile Defense Agency and two additional ones for the Strategic Command, according to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

The new missile defense shield could cost more than $400 billion, according the report by OSS Deputy Director and director of the Strategic Air and Space Programs, Mark Rosekind.

It is the first time the OSS has released such a detailed look at the Pentagon’s future missile defense plans.

The report outlines the military’s current and future missile defenses and their potential impacts.

The proposed systems could include two or three interceptors each capable of intercepting multiple missiles, according Rosekind, who is also the Pentagon official overseeing the plan.

The report also recommends building up at least three additional interceptors.

The new ones would need to be located at bases across the United States.